International Government Relations

For most government relations firms, working with a foreign government is a foreign concept. At DDP Global, that’s our specialty. We dedicate our expertise and worldwide network of contacts to putting our clients on the map.

DDP Global is Washington DC’s only strategic consulting firm to specialize solely in international government relations and embassy consulting. We assist our Fortune 500 clients in pursuing their international objectives and raising their global profile by opening direct lines of communication with foreign government officials. Our unique business model guarantees direct access to high ranking Embassy officials throughout Washington, unparalleled by any other firm in town.

Our special status in the diplomatic community derives from our series of embassy training courses that we deliver to foreign diplomats and embassy defense staff throughout the year. Our programs are designed to give embassy personnel a practical understanding of the US policy process and an insider’s view of the way Washington really works. We provide Ambassadors, diplomats, Defense Attaches, and military officers with the strategic knowledge and tools to effectively engage US decision makers and deliver their nation’s message. Uniquely, all of our programs are designed specifically and exclusively for embassy staff.

Each year DDP Global trains a large percentage of the Washington diplomatic corps. Our clients and sponsors reap the rewards of those relationships, enabling them to build lasting international contacts and immeasurable goodwill throughout the diplomatic community.