International Political Consulting

With an internationally experienced staff offering advanced techniques in building political capital, DDP Global works within the constraints of various national election laws to deliver political victories around the world. Whether building a nationwide system for targeted fundraising, or developing a programmatic method for grassroots and volunteer efforts, DDP Global maximizes your political potential.

Advanced Party Organization:
Party building through collective, cohesive initiatives is the key to success for any political organization. The allocation of political resources is fostered by evolving technology, lending itself to the ease of securing these concentrated initiatives. DDP Global develops sustainable political foundations by implementing the very latest in cutting edge political technology.

Comprehensive Targeting:
Working within the guidelines of any particular country’s electoral structure, DDP Global will craft strategic micro-targeting models to supply real time data collection. Operating with interactive response technology and custom built data accretion programs, DDP can expedite the flow of data to clearly and concisely report the critical political issues. With proven, professional experience in media, campaign consulting, polling and mailing, DDP’s use of the newest political technology can help navigate even the most daunting political obstacles.

Data Base Development:
Any successful campaign starts with a voter list. This is our key in developing contact information, volunteer management, potential donor outreach, voter turnout, and overall efficiency of the campaign. Voter lists are the baseline for any campaign and provide the backbone for targeting multiple messages to your desired audience. DDP has proven experience in building such lists from the ground up. No matter what political environment you may be in, DDP can assist you in your list needs with the use of cutting edge technology.