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A Diplomat’s Guide to the US Government

The Politics of US Defense Policy

Embassy Commercial and Investment Seminar

To effectively navigate the American government, foreign diplomats must possess a contemporary understanding of the US system. Working closely with both the US and foreign governments, DDP Global offers a series of unique training courses designed to help embassy staff navigate the complexities of the US government and to understand how Washington really works.

Our courses are built around the following key components:

Executive / Administration
Participants learn the vast differences that exist between the US system and their own, and how those differences affect foreign policy development. We discuss the role and responsibilities of the White House and the National Security Council, as well as the inter-agency process and the competitive pressures that exist between the various Cabinet Departments, including State, Defense, Treasury and others.

We demonstrate the vital role, and sometimes shocking power, that Congress wields within the US system, particularly in the federal budgeting process. We also discuss the intense domestic political pressure that Congressional elections and public opinion can have on foreign policy decisions.

Current Political and Foreign Policy Trends
Through our distinguished guest speakers, we offer course participants a thorough briefing on current and future foreign and defense policy trends. We also discuss current domestic and electoral politics and how that could affect future foreign policy decisions. Delivering Your Message and Impacting Policy DDP Global’s training courses are distinguished by our attention to the practical. We know that understanding the US political system is only half the battle. We ensure that participants are equipped with the knowledge and tools to exert influence at all levels. Throughout the program, we use specific case examples to teach strategies and tactics for engaging the various US decision makers. We drive participants to think creatively about how they can make best use of their unique position as foreign envoys.