Embassy Consulting

DDP Global is Washington, DC’s premier strategic Embassy consulting firm.  It’s what we do; it’s what we love.

With over 10 years experience representing the interests of embassies in Washington, both large and small, we understand the special needs and sensitivities of the diplomatic process.  We can help design your embassy’s message and deliver it to those who matter. 


DDP Global performs in-depth research on American perceptions of your nation, both positive and negative.  We analyze your existing relationships, assets, and liabilities within Washington, DC, as well as the current political climate in which you are operating.


Based on these assessments, we will design a comprehensive political strategy to secure your nation’s unique objectives.  We will identify and target the key decision makers most important to your success.  Our message development will be aimed at building a broad coalition of intense and pro-active support.


DDP Global ensures that all of your national resources are working for you.  In our opinion, you are your own best lobbyist!  In close coordination with your own government officials, embassy staff, and private sector representatives, we will help you execute a strategy that converts your political capital into measureable results.